Slideshows Of MARSP Activities

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none Presentations Of Volunteer Check to MISD
and Midland City Council.
Also, MISD Annual Dinner
May 2024
none Program: Installation of Officers - Recognition Of Chairs, First Baptist Service, Scholarship Winners, Unit's Volunteer Hours, Special Doss Scholarship Donation
May 2024
none Program: Redfern Genealogy Library and “Reclamation Station”
April 2024
none Program: Recording Library and Mayflower Project
March 2024
none Program: Bush Family Home State Historic Site
February 2024
none Program: Dr. Rebecca Dodge, Earthquakes
January 2024
none Program: First Baptist Men's Choir
December 2023
none Program: Texas Parks and Wildlife
November 2023
none Program: Dr. Stephanie Howard, Superintendent MISD
October 2023
none Program: D'Anna Baucom - AMBA
September 2023
none Program: Tim Lee, Executive Director TRTA - Advocacy Prop. 9
August 2023
none Program: Texas Pecos Trail, Melissa Hagins, Executive Director
May 2023
none Program: Master Gardeners by Susie Yarborough, President of Master Gardeners
April 2023
none Program: Fix West Texas”
March 2023
none Pictures: “Lifestyle Medical Center”
January 2023

Click Here For: "About Lifestyle Medical Center"
none Program: Benjamin Wadley from “Field’s Edge”
December 2022
none Program: Conrad Coleman, Homeless in Midland County, Texas
November 2022
none Program: Denise McKown, Dean Education & Early Childhood, Midland College
October 2022
none Program: Dr. Angelica Ramsey
the Superintendent of Schools for MISD
September 2022
none Program: Tim Lee, TRTA Executive Director
Speaks To TRTA District 18
August 2022
none Program: MARSP Installation of Officers
2022-2024 - May 2022
none Program: Susan Frederickson
The Area Agency on Aging - April 2022
none Program: Leslie Bownds: Reflections Ministry
of Texas
Human Trafficking. - March 2022
none Program: Miss Cayce's
Meeting - December 2021
none Program: Craig Stoker, West Texas Food Bank
Meeting - November 2021
none Program: Tina Siemens, author of "Seminole"
Meeting - October 2021
none Program: "State of TRTA and Retirement"
Presenter - Time Lee, TRTA Executive Director
Meeting - August 2021
none Program: "Fast Meals - Not Fast Food"
Presenter - Kaitlyn Greb, Midland Memorial Hospital
Meeting - March 2020
none Program: "State of Affairs in Midland County"
Presenter - Judge Terry Johnson
Meeting - January 2020
none Program: "Christmas Sing-A-Long"
Toys For Tots Toy Donation"
Meeting - December 2019
none Program: "Library Resources"
Meeting -November 2019
none Program: "TRTA and MISD School Bond Election"
Meeting - October 2019
none Program: "History of the Brown-Dorsey Home:
Was it a Kit Home?"
Presenter - Jim Collett
Meeting - September 2019
none Program: "State of Texas Retirement"
Presenter: Tim Lee - TRTA Executive Director
Meeting - August 2019


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Latest News

The Texas Retired Teachers Foundation (TRTF), the charitable partner organization of the Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA), expresses its sincere gratitude to our generous TRTA members for their recent donations to the Disaster Relief program. The Disaster Relief program assists retired and active school personnel experiencing critical losses or damage to homes and property caused by a widespread disaster. Recently, Texas has experienced two such disasters—record-breaking wildfires in the Panhandle and extensive flooding in the Houston area. TRTF recently has received more than $30,000 in donations for the Disaster Relief program and has funds available through its long-term program to provide support to those struggling due to these disasters. If you or a fellow TRS member has experienced damage due to these devasting fires or floods, please send an email to to request an application. Applicants do not need to be a member of TRTA to be eligible for assistance.